Ayesha’s Eid Sacrifice!

Key Stages 1 and 2

This is a lively audio book for children on the topic of Eid ul Adha with appealing visual images. The aim of this resource is to educate children on the meaning of sacrifice within a stimulating story format.

Islam and Charity

Key stage 2 to adult

A bright and engaging presentation, introducing an Islamic perspective on charity. It includes questions for discussion and a case study on Islamic Relief’s work. This resource is suitable for all ages, from Key Stage 2 to adult.

Produced in partnership with One World Week.

Orphans in the Developing World

Key stage 2 and above

This resource looks at the life of orphans in the developing world and what may impact them. It looks at the Islamic perspective on Orphans whilst also looking at Islam and social justice.

Qurbani (Udhiya): An Introduction

Key Stage 3 and above

This engaging presentation explores the Islamic festival of Eid ul Adha, with special focus on the religious significance of the sacrificial rites.

Islam and Fair Trade

Key stage 3 and above

This colourful and engaging presentation highlights the Islamic perspective on fair trade with some interesting facts and information

Debt and Islam

Key Stage 3 and above

This presentation provides a basic introduction to an Islamic perspective on debt and highlights the urgent need for debt relief in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Poverty and Conflict

Key stage 3 and above

This presentation discusses the links between endemic poverty and conflict, taking Gaza as a case study.

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