During the revolution in Libya, Islamic Relief was one of the first aid agencies on the ground, providing the following emergency relief:

In Tunisia:

  • Shelter, food, clean water and hygiene kits were provided in border camps at Ras Ajdir, Dheiba, Remada and Tatouine
  • Where possible, some expatriate workers were provided flights to their home countries
  • Play areas and classes were arranged for children at the camps in Remada and some children were enrolled to local schools

In Libya:

  • Emergency food, baby milk, hygiene kits and clothing was distributed in Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli
  • Hospitals were stocked with medical supplies, anaesthetic equipment and X-ray machines in Zintan, Jadu, Nalu, Yefren and Misrata
  • Fuel was provided for ambulances in Zintan, Yefren and Nalut
  • Over 10,000m3 of waste removed in Benghazi to stop the spread of disease
  • Fun days organised for children to take their minds off the conflict
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