Exactly thirty years ago, back in 1992’s spring, Islamic Relief Pakistan started its journey with a sole mission of transforming lives besides bringing a speck of gold, hope and opportunities to millions of people across the country.

Our enshrined values of compassion, custodianship, sincerity, social justice and excellence guide us to serve humanity in the finest way possible.

During the last three decades, we have been delivering on our promises to bring a lasting change in Pakistan. With ‘Reaching the most in Need’ and ‘First on Ground’ as our hallmarks, Islamic Relief Pakistan has been addressing the deep-rooted issues faced by the country like poverty, water, sanitation and hygiene, food security and livelihoods, climate change, health, orphans and women empowerment including emergency responses and disaster risk reduction.

As we work to come up with solutions for the most pressing issues of our times, Islamic Relief Pakistan will always stay indebted to the resilient people of Pakistan who helped us to grow and serve.


Our Mission

Together we will inspire and enable people to respond rapidly to disasters and fight poverty through our Islamic values, expertise and global reach.

Islamic Relief Values

We remain guided by the timeless values and teachings of the Qur’an and the prophetic example (Sunnah), most specifically:

islamic relief values muslim charity

Sincerity (Ikhlas)

In responding to poverty and suffering, our efforts are driven by sincerity to God and the need to fulfil our obligations to humanity.

islamic relief values muslim charity

Excellence (Ihsan)

Our actions in tackling poverty are marked by excellence in our operations and the conduct through which we help the deserving people we serve.

islamic relief values muslim charity

Compassion (Rahma)

We believe the protection and well-being of every life is of paramount importance and we shall join with other humanitarian actors to act as one in responding to suffering brought on by disasters, poverty and injustice.

islamic relief values muslim charity

Social Justice (Adl)

Our work is founded on enabling people and institutions to fulfil the rights of the poor and vulnerable. We work to empower the dispossessed towards realising their God-given human potential and develop their capabilities and resources.

islamic relief values muslim charity

Custodianship (Amana)

We value and protect the Earth and its resources, including its people, and we aim to honour the trust people place in us to be transparent and accountable.

Where We Work

Meet Our Team

Asif Sherazi

Country Director

Raza Narejo

Deputy Country Director

Hiba Usaf Siddiqui

Senior Manager Media & Communications

Rashid Mehmood

Head of Finance & Governance

Farhat Imran

Head of Support

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