Climate Adaptive Action for Food Security & Sustainability (CAAFSS)

Our Climate Adaptive Action for Food Security programme is being implemented in two villages in Thatta, Sindh; Khagan and Gharo/Mohal.

We’re supporting local farmers to overcome climate challenges and adopt sustainable practices for food production making resilient communities. We are working with the government to provide support for climate-adaptive farming in Thatta, with a special focus on empowering women and enhancing their socio-economic status.. Increasing awareness about alternative climate-resilient strategies among stakeholders.



the resilience of food production systems among Thatta’s farming communities in the face of climate challenges.


government support services and advisory mechanisms for climate-adaptive farming in Thatta, with a focus on gender mainstreaming and inclusion to enhance women and girls socio-economic empowerment.

Raising awareness

about climate-resilient alternative strategies among stakeholders.

The project is grounded in the belief that its activities will empower communities to enhance their livelihoods and economic conditions by strengthening their knowledge and capacities while establishing links with key government service providers for climate-resilient food production. This, in turn, will drive local economic growth led by community activists, potentially shaping the future development trajectory of the targeted areas. The project not only focuses on restoring basic services but also strategically invests in individual capacities, granting targeted beneficiaries the freedom to engage in economic activities and participate in market environments through personal entrepreneurship. Ultimately, the project aligns economic empowerment with livelihood skills and entrepreneurship training, reinforcing individuals’ resilience against exploitation by barriers stemming from their marginalization in social and economic aspects whilst also shielding them from climate change-induced disasters

We believe that by doing this, we can help communities improve their lives and make their economies stronger. We’re not just fixing basic services; we’re also giving people the skills and knowledge to succeed on their own, whether through entrepreneurship or finding better jobs. This way, they can thrive even when facing challenges like climate change.

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