Islamic Relief Pakistan provides emergency relief to people in need during natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies. We have the local knowledge, relationships, and access that enable us to become agile and effective responders before, during, and after the crises.

Islamic Relief Pakistan is known for its humanitarian efforts carried out during all major emergencies across the country including 2005’s earthquake in AJ&K, the Floods of 2010 and 2015, Mirpur Earthquake, droughts in Balochistan alongside recovery and rehabilitation in tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Our team, on ground in Azad Jammu and Kashmir helping the community during the 2005 earthquake.

Tents provided by Islamic Relief Pakistan in Sindh during the devastating 2010 floods.


Our team providing essential aid to the flood-affected communities in Sindh in 2015.


Tackling the 2022 Floods

We are one of the biggest responders to the June 2022’s devastating floods that washed away everything in different parts of the country and affecting a total of 33 million people. Through our response, we saved lives and provided lifesaving aid to 1.5 million people.


Averting a Health Crisis

Soon after the catastrophic rains and floods of 2022, water was the only thing visible on thousands of acres of land in Sindh. The stagnant water created a perfect storm for waterborne diseases, skin infections and snake bites.

“Our lips had dried because of it and there was nothing we could do.”


Munawar is a resident of Photo Machhi, Mehar, Sindh and his family are among the thousands who were affected badly by the floods. During peak summers, right after the flood destroyed most of the villages and towns in Sindh, Munawar along with his family were left stranded on heighted roads with no shelter. They had no food, water, clothes or even any money to purchase food items for children. With its emergency response Islamic Relief started working in the worst affected areas of Sindh and helped communities through life saving aid. We started providing clean and safe drinking water in camp cities besides the road. We started providing clean and safe drinking water in camp cities besides the road.

“When we came back to our village, every single home was reduced to rubble. The water sources were contaminated and undrinkable, my children were dehydrated and at a serious risk of getting sick.”

Islamic Relief provided hand pumps for flood-affected communities including Munawar’s village, Photo Machhi.

Munawar, his family and many others from his village used to travel miles, twice a day, to get clean drinking water for their families.

“Water filters and hand pumps were the need of the hour, we do not have to travel far off to fetch water.”


Munawar standing next to the hand pump provided by Islamic Relief Pakistan


Currently, we are in the recovery and rehabilitation phase, during which infrastructure is being repaired and houses are rebuilt. We ensured to leave no one behind by reaching out to the most affected in the best possible way.

Islamic Relief Pakistan is also following the 4 R’s framework- Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Recovery, Resilience presented by the Government of Pakistan and endorsed by other key players like UNDP.


Gulsima’s Safe Haven

Gulsima, a 66-year-old from Barwar, District Kila Saif Ullah in Balochistan endured the aftermath of devastating floods that shattered everything. Alongside her family and fellow villagers, they sought refuge in the mountains as relentless rains triggered flash floods, wiping away their homes and possessions.

“I have never witnessed such torrential rains that left nothing behind but us, clinging to hope. Those days were the worst, with no food or shelter. Our home, a safe space for years, was mercilessly destroyed.”

During these desperate times, Islamic Relief extended a helping hand, providing Gulsima and her family with resilient shelter – a safe haven that will protect them from the looming threat of future floods.

“Alhamdulillah, we now have a secure roof over our heads. Seeing my children happy and safe brings me immense joy.”

Gulsima’s children standing in front of their newly built shelter


Islamic Relief doesn’t only respond to the most immediate needs but stays there until lives and livelihoods are being restored. Being actively and strategically present in hard to reach areas of Pakistan, we are not only well-aware of different cultures but also the needs. Responding swiftly to emergencies, we distribute much needed aid such as medicine, food and water as well as clothing, shelter and personal hygiene items. Families pushed to the brink by poverty receive social assistance and support with access to food and safe shelter.


Safe Spaces for Creative Freedom

After 2022 floods, women were traumatized because of the huge disaster that washed away everything that they had. Nabila, a young girl was among the many who needed help. She had to live on roads for months with her family.

“We were in despair, we didn’t have food, water or any place to live and protect ourselves in the scorching heat. Those were the worst months of our life.”

After the flood water receded, Nabila and her family came back to their village and numerous issues were waiting for them there. Her home was completely destroyed. Nabila and other women in the village were impacted by the drastic loss that completely shattered their lives affecting their mental well-being. Islamic Relief established a safe space for women and children in Nabila’s village where women could sit together, talk about issues and also get training on different skills which could also help them with earning some income for their family. Islamic Relief also helped women and children cope with traumas through psychosocial support by arranging interactive sessions and activities.

“It is a clean and very friendly space. I go there daily, meet my friends and listen to each other. I am also receiving training on sewing clothes so I can earn some money for my family.”


The safe space in Sindh

Many young girls like Nabila are now earning and also happy to have a space for women in their own village which is helping them in multiple ways. Their children can play different games in the safe spaces and women can interact with each other to discuss issues which they could not before.


Children painting in safe spaces

Partnerships are at the core of our work to bring about sustainable and transformative change. Islamic Relief Pakistan is working in partnership with governments, civil society and the donor fraternity to build resilience among vulnerable communities of disaster-prone regions.


Our goal for the year 2024 is to strengthen our humanitarian work to have a lasting impact for people affected by crises, with a special focus on children and women, who are disproportionately affected by disasters. We know from our experience that by empowering women and girls we can reduce the vulnerability of entire communities.

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