Give your Zakat and Sadaqah to Brothers and Sisters in Palestine
Give your Zakat and Sadaqah to Brothers and Sisters in Palestine
Give your Zakat and Sadaqah to Brothers and Sisters in Palestine
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This Ramadan, Palestine needs you

Islamic Relief aid worker preparing soup for people in Gaza

Donate for Gaza, Donate for life

Civilians in Gaza are facing the horror of major airstrikes. The rapidly rising death toll and hundreds of thousands of displaced people with nowhere safe to go are worsening the already dire humanitarian situation.

At least 31,341 Palestinians have been martyred and more than 73,134 injured. This number is expected to increase rapidly as airstrikes continue. Nearly 50% of martyrs are children.

In the Westbank, over 330 have been killed and at least 2,750 injured. The people of Gaza are fleeing for their lives as they experience over 6 months of indiscriminate attacks, ongoing blockade, and a starvation diet.

1 in 25 people in Gaza are now injured or killed.

Lack of fuel, clean water and limited food supplies has forced the healthcare system into a state of total collapse and caused significant levels of dehydration, starvation, and disease as essential supplies slowly run out across the Gaza Strip. 

March 2024 - Islamic Relief aid worker distributing Ramadan food packs to vulnerable families in Gaza.

Islamic Relief is on the ground in Khan Younis, Deir Al Balah, Zawayda, and Rafah, delivering daily ready-to-eat hot meals in Gaza. From March 8 to March 13, 2024, we provided 617,615 hot meals, totalling 5.2 million meals distributed thus far.


Your Zakat can help deliver life-saving essentials to communities affected by the ongoing violence across Palestine.

  • Health: Rehabilitate and equip primary health care clinics with equipment, resources, tools, and training.

  • Education: Repair and rehabilitate schools, and special education centers that were damaged.

  • Livelihoods: Support micro-businesses with cash assistance.

  • Food: Provide cash assistance to families so they can buy household staples.

  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene: Rehabilitate wastewater connections in housing units and enhanced access to clean water.

With your support, Islamic Relief will remain a lifeline for Palestinian families. Please give generously to our Palestine Emergency Appeal now.

Clean water distributions.

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places on Earth.

Gaza has been under a brutal Israeli blockade since 2007 and is widely described as the world’s largest open-air prison. The blockade denies 2.2 million people their fundamental rights and cuts them off from the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and the wider world. It has devastated Gaza’s economy, fuelled poverty and unemployment and crippled essential services such as healthcare, education and water/sanitation.

A third of the people in Palestine live below the poverty line. Most people do not have enough food, 90% of available water is unfit for public consumption, and trauma is taking its toll on ordinary families. Much of the population relies on humanitarian aid from charities like Islamic Relief, just to survive.

Islamic Relief are on the ground in Gaza

We’ve been providing vital support to vulnerable people through donations towards our Gaza relief fund. Our work is focused on getting food to those who need it most, and treating urgent health needs.

Your donations to Gaza will help our teams to deliver vital medical supplies to patients and staff. We also provide key items; such as medicine, disposables, medical kits and food for all.

March 2024 - Islamic Relief has been providing psychological support to orphans and children in Gaza.

Islamic Relief Pakistan Saving Lives in Palestine

Donate now for urgent relief in Gaza

With your help, we will be distributing hygiene kits, clean water via water tanks, and psychosocial support for children–but the enormity of the crisis means that much more is needed. Support our Gaza emergency appeal and continue saving lives.

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