In the cities, thousands live in slums or on the streets, and in rural areas, a lack of critical infrastructure and education holds communities back from improving their situation.

Islamic Relief in India

Islamic Relief has been working with local organisations in India since 1994, and provided emergency relief following several emergencies: 1999’s Orissa cyclone, the Gujarat earthquake in 2001 and 2004’s devastating tsunami, to name a few.

As well as emergency relief, including running camps, community kitchens and rescue teams, Islamic Relief also provides long-term solutions to poverty. We rebuilt houses for slum-dwellers who lost their homes in 2006’s Gujarat floods, as well as supporting a vocational training programmes for women so they can gain the skills to earn a living. We also implement an education programme in Uttar Pradesh, to give individuals the best chance at a brighter future.

As well as these sustainable development projects, we also support more than 1,000 children through orphan sponsorship, including school equipment and medical care for children and their families, and run Ramadan and Qurbani food distributions each year.

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