With poor infrastructure such as roads, health and education, rural populations in China have small chances of improving their situation. Many are unable to read or write, meaning they have little hope of getting a better job, even if the non-existent transport routes did allow them to reach the city.

Islamic Relief in China

We began work in China in response to flooding in the Shaanxi province in 2002. As well as emergency assistance, we helped communities build new homes once the crisis was over.

Now, we work in five different provinces, providing key infrastructure like roads, water sources and health facilities, as well as education and seasonal distributions during Ramadan and Qurbani.

Current project: Rainwater harvesting

In the high mountains of Yongjing County, drought comes every year, making life unbearable for the villagers. Crops will not grow, the livestock they depend on dies, and the little water they can gather from streams is dirty, making them sick. Over the next year and a half, Islamic Relief will be building rainwater harvesting systems, capturing the clean rain during the wet season, and storing it for the dry months. We will build catchment systems with storage cellars along with irrigation sources, so that the water captured can be channelled to help grow crops. This way, a water solution can become a food solution too!

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