The Impacts of Climate Catastrophe on Expectant and Lactating Mothers and Infants In Flood Hit Areas of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

From Aspirations for Climate Action to the Reality of Climate Disasters: An Investigation of Climate Change- Induced Floods and Post-disaster Reconstruction in Pakistan


Policy Brief for Research: YOUTH, CLIMATE & SOCIAL COHESION

Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of coastal communities in Sindh and Formulation of Community Adaptation Plan

Policy Brief for Research: Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of coastal communities in Sindh and Formulation of community Adaptation Plan

Water Quality Status of Natural Springs and Water Supply Sources in City Bagh, AJ&K

The report showcases the pre and post-water quality of the drinking water sites in AJ&K

Climate Induced Migration in Pakistan

A research report from Pakistan highlights the Unfolding Crisis of migration.

Policy Brief

Islamic Relief and Ministry of Climate Change jointly conducted a policy research on the ‘Effective Engagement of Youth for meeting NDC Goals to address Climate Change.

Annual Report 2019

The Annual Report illustrates our work during the year and the impact we have been able to create on the lives of millions living under challenging circumstances across Pakistan. From development efforts to emergency responses, the publication covers all the achievements in detail being made during the year 2019.

COVID-19 – Changing Socio-Economic Landscape In Urban Periphery
A Situation Analysis Report by Islamic Relief Pakistan

A situation analysis conducted by Islamic Relief Pakistan about changing socioeconomic landscape in urban periphery of Rawalpindi and Islamabad due to COVID-19.
The document shares findings about the devastating impact of the pandemic on vulnerable communities and how they are adapting with the new normal.

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