Zero Hunger

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November 15, 2020

Women, particularly in rural environments play a critical role in supporting the food value chains at micro and macro levels. Constructing and securing livelihood opportunities for them is vital to create long term and tangible economic impact. Economies thrive when women have more control over their lives and livelihoods.

We led a transformative process under one of our projects’ named ‘Sustainable Economic Development through Value Chains,  Advocacy and Disaster Risk  Reduction’  (EDVAD) in AJ&K by providing women with skills, resources and opportunities to enhance their economic gains. Below are some of the initiatives being taken under EDVAD paving the way for future interventions in other areas:

  • 325 dairy grants were provided to 225 women for purchasing of dairy cattle
  • Parent flock   of   1000   poultry   birds    (900 hens & 100 roosters) were provided to a government run poultry
  • As an outcome of parent layer flock establishment, livestock department provided 8000, day old chicks  to  400 vulnerable widowed families.
  • To promote climate resilient  farming,  2,500  olive plants  were  distributed  among   25 women farmers  (50  saplings  to  each  farmer)  to help them establish olive farms in their respective
  • 100 women were provided kitchen gardening kits containing seed kit, tool kit and fencing material  to  prepare  gardening  plots  for  growing seasonal
  • 150 women farmers  were  trained   on vegetable  and  food  processing   Solar dryers were also provided.
  • 152 potential farmers were introduced to  organic farming
  • 15 women farmers were trained and equipped for commercial farming through provision of professional tool kits, fencing material and improved vegetable seeds.
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