Weaving a Future

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June 27, 2024

Irum, an inspirational single mother hailing from Rawalpindi always had a passion for fashion designing and stitching. She had to go through multiple difficulties to provide for her children. Irum’s eldest daughter not only attends university but also helps her mother with the business. Islamic Relief with its project Empowering Women in Need (EWIN) helped Irum set up her business. We provided her with sewing machines and tools, paid the stitching centre’s utility bills and rent so she could pursue her dream.

“After my stitching centre was operational, women from my community started joining me. I started teaching them sewing techniques and together we became a team. We started producing quality products which were highly in demand and trendy as well. I started selling them in the market and started making profits.”

Irum teaching other women at her stitching center, sharing her skills

Fueled by her passion, Irum now wants to have her own display center in the main bazaar where she will be selling the products herself and maximize her profitability.

“My daughter has always been a big support, from digital marketing to book keeping she is managing it all. I want her to carry forward my legacy.”

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