Sehar, A Girl Fulfilling Her Dreams With Your Support

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April 7, 2023

A young girl who faced all odds in life and proved wrong all those who ever doubted her


Seher, a girl with countless dreams to make her parents proud. After the death of her father, her mother supported them in every situation of life.

“Many hardships came and passed, but our mother always helped us in facing those challenges with self-confidence and strength”.

Seher was still young when her father left this world, in many situations they needed support of someone who could help them in facing all the challenges of life and Islamic Relief became that support. With our orphan sponsorship program, we helped Seher in continuing her education and gaining confidence in herself to build a better future for her family.

Sehar in her classroom studying

“The support from Islamic Relief provided us an opportunity to fulfil our dreams and we thank them that they helped us when we needed it the most”

Now, studying at a university for her medical degree, Seher has come a long way and this could not have been possible without your zakat and Sadaqah donations that go directly towards helping children like Seher all over Pakistan.

Seher has always wanted to help others even though she did not have enough herself. On her journey to be a doctor, she wants to support all those like her, who need just a little confidence and trust to keep achieving new heights.

“If my father was here today, he would have been proud of me for coming this long to become a doctor and help others just like me.”

Not just in the educational field, Sehar also represents her school in sports tournaments playing in football and racing. She is an example that with just a little confidence and support anyone can achieve the immpossible.

Sehar looking at her medal that she won in a school racing tournament
A proud girl who has came a long way defeating all odds

Thousands of children like Seher are awaiting for a support which will help them in continuing their education as well as support their families. So please donate now and help us reach thousands of more children around Pakistan.

Your generosity can provide a child with a purposeful life, Donate Now and help us transform many more lives just like Sehar.

Your support will help transform the lives of orphans and children at disadvantage
Your support will help transform the lives of orphans and children at disadvantage
Your support will help transform the lives of orphans and children at disadvantage
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