Decisive Climate Action

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November 15, 2020

Unusually hot summers, above average  rainfalls and unprecedented  snow  spells across the country made Climate Change evident more than ever  in  Pakistan,  calling  for an urgent and effective climate action.

An organization with the presence of more than 25 years in Pakistan makes  us  an  eye  witness of  the  gradual  change.  A  myriad  of challenges including health, disasters, poverty, migration and water  insecurity  have  risen  significantly. We believe, the solution lies in taking everyone on-board and promoting an atmosphere of collective and focused efforts. Our partnerships with government and key players alongside community centered programming for building resilience to fight climate change are yielding positive results.

A nationwide campaign ‘Voices Organized for Climate Advocacy and  Lobbying’ (VOCAL) was launched, through which we brought climate change in the limelight  with the help of academia and media and pushed for climate responsive governance.

Some key highlights:

  • In collaboration with the  National Disaster  Management Authority (NDMA), we successfully organized a National Consultation on Framework for addressing the impact of drought in Balochistan.
  • Together with the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs), we continuously pushed for climate friendly interventions across the country.
  • Role of   media   is   crucial   in   fighting the   climate   battle   for   which    a training programme was initiated for journalists  in Balochistan. A  group  of  top environmental reporters visited our intervention areas in the province to witness the impact of climate friendly initiatives.
  • The stewards of  tomorrow,  our  youth will play a vital part in making concrete efforts  to  cope  the  climate   To make them lead the change, nine environmental youth  groups  were  formed across the country.
  • Faith leaders  joined   hands   with   us   to talk about climate awareness in sermons and public events aiming to bring behavioural change among the masses.
  • In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, together  with the Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs), we discussed and agreed to formulate joint and effective coping mechanisms against the threats posed by climate change.
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