Children and Women

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November 15, 2020

Children and women are at the center of our development efforts. With growing awareness in Pakistan about child rights, still millions are affected by crippling poverty and lack of education. What makes them more vulnerable? Being an orphan.

Though no official statistics are available, conservative estimates suggest that Pakistan hosts over four million orphans  –  struggling for life, malnourished, and not knowing where their next meal would come from. These innocent children are waiting to be rescued from lives of abandonment and abuse.

Orphan Sponsorship Programme is the bedrock of Islamic Relief Pakistan as the organization started its operations in the country with it dating back to 1993. Initially the programme was designed to meet the basic needs of orphan children through quarterly stipends. However,  with the changing needs,  a socio-economic graduation model guides our approach to provide long term solutions  to the communities.

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