A Dream Coming True

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November 15, 2020

High up in the hills of Janial, remote village of Mirpur,Azad Jammu and Kashmir, nine-year old Nayab Mehfooz lives  with   her   parents.   Her   father   is a shopkeeper in local market while her mother is a housewife. Nayab has lymphatic disorder and her muscles are weak, which means she hasn’t enjoyed a ‘typical’ childhood.



“I cannot run or jump or play on the swings. I have weak legs.” She says

Nayab’s limbs didn’t  function normally and she wasn’t able to walk independently.  Every day her mother used to carry her to school. Due to expensive medication and procedures,  Nayab’s  family  wasn’t   able  to continue her treatment. Now  she  is  nine years old and her urge to walk is growing with her.

Under  our   Mirpur   Earthquake  Emergency Response, Nayab has been treated  and  provided  with  orthotics.  Now Nayab is able to walk, she can participate in games with other children  and is excited to go to school.

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