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The most awaited time of the year is here. Ramadan with all its blessings shining down on us.

Ramadan Food Packs

Islamic Relief Pakistan works tirelessly to ensure that vulnerable communities can share in the blessings of Ramadan. Our Iftar meal distribution bring nourishment to those who need it most. By providing food security, we enable families to focus on their spiritual journey, confident that their basic needs are met.

Sultana, a resident of village Photto Machi, Dadu, Sindh has been living in a tent since the floods destroyed and washed away her only home along with everything that her family built in decades. The only source of income for her family were her husband’s daily wages or agriculture farming. Everything was good before the floods but circumstances changed as soon as they were forced by the flood water to leave their homes.

“My husband died in an accident soon after and I was left alone with my children and mother.

Everything got even worse after that, with no income to feed her family, they had been struggling for months for food. 

Islamic Relief has been responding to the needs of flood affected communities in Sindh since the floods started and with its seasonal program of Ramadan where we distribute food packs to the vulnerable communities to help them in spending the month of Ramadan with ease decided to reach the people of Sindh affected by the floods. 

Sultana was one of the villagers who received Ramadan food packs for her family. While talking and sharing her feelings to one of our team members Sultana said,

“When we heard that we are going to get these food packs today, no one in our home could sleep all night due to the excitement and happiness. 

When our team members visited Sultana’s home after the distribution, which was a tent in the middle of the village where her home used to stand, she shared that,

“We have never received any aid since we came back to our village and no one came to our support. This is the first we received ration and it will help us spend the month Ramadan with ease without any worries of sleeping with an empty stomach. 

With your generous Sadaqah and Zakat, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of people.


During the devastating floods of 2022, numerous families faced the harsh reality of losing their homes and livelihoods, watching everything they had built over a lifetime washed away. Among those affected was Shamal, a mother of five from Sindh, who, like many, had to endure months of living under the open sky.

Upon returning to her village, Shamal discovered her home reduced to rubble. With nothing left to rebuild, she and her children had to live in a temporary shelter for an entire year.

“It was very difficult for us to live in the shelter; it was just there to protect us from the scorching sun. I started a small tuck shop with all the money that I had, just so I could provide food for my children. Therefore, I couldn’t rebuild my house.”

“We will not have to sleep under the open sky in winters. My children are protected and they have nothing to fear now, I am relieved as our biggest issue has been resolved.”


Sehar, a girl with countless dreams to make her mother proud. After the death of her father, her mother supported her in every situation of life.

Many hardships came and passed, but my mother always helped me in facing those challenges with selfconfidence and strength.

Sehar was still young when her father left this world, in many situations they needed support of someone who could help them in facing all the challenges of life and Islamic Relief became that support.

ENABLING CHILDREN TO BLOSSOM To become a doctor has been my childhood dream. I promised myself that I will leave no stone unturned to make this a reality.

Under Islamic Relief’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme, Sehar was able to continue her education and gained confidence in herself to build a better future for her family. Not just in the educational field, Sehar also represents her school in sports tournaments playing in football and racing.

Medical education is expensive in Pakistan. It was financially difficult for my mother to support for my medical school. Islamic Relief became a beacon of hope for me and I got admission in a medical school and here I am, pursuing my dreams.


Soon after the catastrophic rains and floods of 2022, water was the only thing visible on thousands of acres of land in Sindh. The stagnant water created a perfect storm for water borne diseases, skin infections and snake bites.

Our lips had dried because of it and there was nothing we could do, said Munawar.

Munawar is a resident of Photo Machhi, Mehar, Sindh and his family are among the thousands who were affected badly by the floods. During peak summers, right after flood destroyed most of the villages and towns in Sindh, Munawar along with his family were left stranded on heighted roads with no shelter.

When we came back to our village, every single home was reduced to rubble. The water sources were contaminated and undrinkable, my children were dehydrated and at a serious risk of getting sick.

Islamic Relief provided hand pumps for flood affected communities including Munawar’s village, Photo Machhi. Munawar, his family and many others from his village used to travel miles, twice a day, to get clean drinking water for their families.

Water filters and hand pumps were the need of the hour, we do not have to travel far off to fetch water.

Islamic Relief has been helping the people in need all over Pakistan with your continuous support and this Ramadan you can also play a huge part in helping underpriviledged communities through your Sadaqahs and Zakats. Donate Now and Help Us Transform Lives.

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