Kajala is 7 years old and lives in Bakka Khel camp with her family.

Her father used to run a wholesale shop in Miran Shah, North Wazirisitan before they were displaced from their homes. They currently reside in tents.

I feel like I was born in this tent I have very few and sweet memories of growing up back in our home where I used to play with other children in the streets.

Kajala and her family had a good life before, but now they are poor and live in unhygienic conditions. Their former home was completely destroyed and someone has built a market in its place. Her two brothers have had to drop out of school as they can no longer afford it.

“Good and nutritious food is like a distant dream”, said Kajala.

We used to eat meat at least 3-4 times a week, back in Miran Shah, but ever since we have started living in these tents, meat is something that we rarely get to eat.

Islamic Relief Pakistan distributed 2,100 meat packages to displaced and poor families who are residing at Bakka Khel camp in temporary tents.

Kajala and her family were very happy to receive the meat packs provided by Islamic Relief and she expressed their gratitude, “this year we will celebrate Eid like other kids, and enjoy the delicious meat dishes, all thanks to Islamic Relief.”

Every Eid al-Adha, Islamic Relief Pakistan is at the forefront of distributing Qurbani meat to some of the country’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

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