Friday April 26, 2019

Balochistan has been facing the worst drought for many years. Famine, water crises, and starvation due to drought has had severe consequences on already vulnerable communities.

Long dry spells have affected around 1.9 million people. Normal water resources such as wells and ponds can no longer be used. The majority of the population has migrated to other regions in search of livelihoods and water.

The drought has severely affected agricultural activities and livelihoods. Food insecurity, malnutrition and hunger are at their peak in the drought prevailing areas.

Lack of income has led to low purchasing power amongst vulnerable communities, which further compromises their overall well-being.

Islamic Relief came to the rescue of these drought stricken communities by providing an immediate response to fulfil basic and urgent needs. We are also developing long-term programmes to address the developmental issues.

To help restart livelihoods and fulfil the nutritional needs of affected people, we have provided poultry for people to rear.

We have also introduced kitchen gardening, distributed kits to improve food security, and have sensitised communities about using waste water from domestic sources to grow crops.

Other instant measures have been taken to control parasites through deworming and vaccination of livestock.

We have installed and rehabilitated existing water systems to create a more durable water supplies for communities.

Our current response is covering parts of District Chagahi and Kharan, supporting 1,000 families.

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