Islamic Relief is responding to the worst drought to have hit rural Pakistan in years.

Around 1.9 million people are now thought to be affected by the drought in Balochistan alone.

Wells have dried up and crops have failed.

People have been forced off their lands and left behind all that they own in order to find water to survive.

Farmers are unable to grow anything due to severe drought.

With no end to the drought in sight, conditions are deteriorating and many families have been forced to leave their homes behind in search of water, food, and work. Both provincial governments have declared emergencies amid rising fears of food insecurity and malnutrition.

Families are struggling to survive.

We have been working in Balochistan for nearly a decade now. We are scaling up humanitarian aid in the Rakshan division districts of Chaghai, Kharan, Noshki and Washuk, as well as suburbs in the provincial capital Quetta.

We have launched an urgent intervention in Balochistan to repair water facilities and provide affected families with a source of income.

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