Zahra Rajput, an ordinary 23 years old girl with extra ordinary story of determination and hard work. Born in an under-privileged family in a small town in Rawalpindi, lost her father when she was just 8 years old.  Her mother had to take up the responsibility of earning a livelihood for the family with five little children. Everyday brought a new challenge for the impoverished family. Zahra’s mother worked at a day care center as a nanny, earning a measly salary. It was her dream to fulfil her husband’s wish of having all her children educated.

Zahra Rajput is amongst one of the shining stars of Islamic Relief’s Orphan Support programme. She is currently doing her undergrad degree in software engineering from Riphah University holding 4.0 CGPA, with the support of IR. Zahra holds an outstanding academic track record.

“Islamic relief’s support arrived at the right time in my academic journey, my father had passed away and my mother had no means to pay the school fees. Islamic Relief was my savior during those times.”

Zahra has shown incredible results since her childhood, and has remained a topper throughout her academic journey.

“Out of all of my siblings I was always the first one to bring home a cup/medal for my outstanding performance in school. I remember that my father would be so proud of me and he would invite the entire neighborhood for a dinner on every report card day to celebrate my success”. Soon after his death it struck me that now that my father is gone there is no one to celebrate my success and no means to go to school. My father was a daily wager, he didn’t make much money but our education was his top priority and he made sure that his measly income wouldn’t have an adverse effect on it”, said Zahra.

Zahra also represents her university as an ambassador of peace at various platforms. She is actively volunteering for various social causes. Zahra has also volunteered for Islamic Relief’s seasonal programmes.

She expressed her gratitude for Islamic Relief’s support by saying that “Islamic Relief made my dream come true! A day will definitely arrive in my life when I will be able to support children like me who lost their father and had no support. I’m waiting for that day! “ , she said with a smile.

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