In the aftermath of floods 2022, people lost everything to the unforgiving waters. Their lives were turned upside down, with just the will to survive. Numerous people had to evacuate their homes and ended up seeking refuge in temporary shelters by the roadside.

Even after more than a year to floods, people are still without shelters – in the rain, under the scorching sun and with no means to build it themselves. Their utmost priority is to get back to their normal lives and with little to no help, it seems like a far-fetched dream to them. Only an estimated 5% of damaged and destroyed homes have been fully rebuilt till now. Realising the urgency of this dire need, we are on a mission to provide communities with strong & resilient homes and in doing so we’re getting closer to achieving our goal of building 10,041 homes for those who need it the most.

Islamic Relief Pakistan understands that shelter is not just a basic necessity, it is a lifeline.

Help us rebuild lives! Your generous donation can provide shelter to those affected by the floods, giving them a place they can call home.



Islamic Relief Pakistan is a humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to fighting poverty, alleviating the suffering of people globally and overcoming all kinds of injustice. 


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