Friday February 17, 2023

Around high noon, it’s sweltering in Noshki, Balochistan. Mud covered children are playing around the unstable structures and fallen walls of houses. Walking on a rough and rubble-strewn path, we were told, it used to be a road before flash floods.

Ubaid Ullah who is in mid-forties, looks confused and uncertain. He points at his house which has cracked walls and a saggy roof making it unlivable for the family.

“People in Killi Batto don’t have water to bath their kids. We were already poor, the floods made us poorer.”

While continuously strumming his fingers on his lap, he carries on to tell us about the destruction.

“We haven’t seen a rain spell like this in decades. I was at a nearby hotel when I realized the danger. I rushed to my home and evacuated my wife and children to safer place.”

The flood water receded soon after the downpour; however, it wiped away infrastructure, houses, cattle and valuables. Islamic Relief Pakistan being actively present in the province of Balochistan for the last two decades responding to emergencies and making efforts for the most in need.

With lifesaving aid, we reached the flood affected communities in different parts of the province immediately with an aim to stay on-ground until the people are back on their feet.

“I work as a daily wager and have 5 children. Losing your house is painful. We spent a night in open under the sky with my family feeling unsafe.”

Ubaid Ullah and hundreds of other like him received tents and other necessary items from Islamic Relief Pakistan.

“At least we are not in the open now, it protects us from the blazing heat during the day. My children study inside the tent.”

As a new rain spell hits the country again, Islamic Relief Pakistan is carrying out its emergency response with cash grants, hygiene kits, tents, food packs and kitchen utensils in this phase to help the affected communities during these tough times.

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