Islamic Values

 Policy_Values_History_Humanitarianism_Thumb History of Humanitarianism in the Muslim World

This document presents a brief historical overview of humanitarianism in the Muslim world since the time of the Prophet (pbuh). In particular it focuses on the development and role of zakat and sadaqah and details some of the humanitarian activity of Muslim rulers.

 Policy_Values_Giving_in_Islam_Thumb Charitable Giving_in_Islam

This document presents the holistic concept of charity in Islam within which any interaction between living things can be considered charity. It then explores the mechanisms of charitable giving in Islam; zakat, waqf and sadaqa.

 Policy_Values_Faith_Development_Thumb Translating Faith to Development

While there has been much interest in the growth of Muslim faith based development organisations, there has been little analysis of how Islam informs their operational strategy.

 Policy_Values_Curb_Corruption_Thumb Islamic Imperatives to Curb Corruption

In recent decades, the international fight against corruption has been carried out within a largely secular framework. However, Islamic teachings promote a moral framework that can provide a foundation for the fight against corruption.

 Policy_Values_Islam_Fair_Trade_Thumb Islamic_Perspective on Fair Trade

The growth of international trade has brought about significant economic benefits and prosperity to many. However, small-scale producers in many poor countries, particularly those whose livelihoods depend upon the farming of a single crop, are unable to compete in a world market

 Policy_Values_Islam_Education_Thumb Islamic Perspectives on Education

This paper focuses on the significance of education in Islam, and will shed some light on Islamic perspectives on education and its implications on the work of Muslim faith based organisations (MFBO) working in international development.Islam has been advocating education as a social necessity for over 1400 years.

 Policy_Values_Islam_Refugees_Thumb Islam and Refugees

This paper analyses the experience of Islamic Relief in working with and for refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

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