Tuesday January 23, 2024

Islamic Relief Pakistan inaugurated a Learning and Leadership Hub in collaboration with the Islamabad Capital Territory Police to empowering the women in Pakistan.

This initiative aims to transform the skills and capabilities of individuals enhancing their driving skills. Beyond refining expertise behind the wheel, people will also be given official certifications and licenses, opening doors to livelihood opportunities.



The ceremony was graced by the presence of Islamic Relief Pakistan’s Country Director, Asif Sherazi, and the distinguished Inspector General of Islamabad Police, Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan.



Expressing his enthusiasm for this impactful collaboration, Country Director of Islamic Relief Pakistan, Asif Sherazi, highlighted the significance of initiatives that contribute to professional development. He emphasized that this initiative aligns with a broader vision of strong and confident women. This will enable them to work for ride-hailing services, thereby creating novel avenues for economic empowerment.

Inspector General of Islamabad Police, Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, emphasized the importance of such initiatives. He said that this is the first women-specific initiative in the country.



The Learning and Leadership Hub by Islamic Relief Pakistan, in partnership with Islamabad Police, stands as a significant step in empowering communities with enhanced skills.

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