Thursday April 2, 2020

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, people across the world have been limited to their homes. Being advised by their respective governments to practice social distancing and avoid unnecessary contacts, uncertainty, panic and fear has gripped the masses.

During disasters and emergencies, underprivileged, persons with disabilities, chronic disease patients and elderly are more vulnerable than others. Our Child and Women Development Programme, which supports thousands of widows and orphans across Pakistan is helping the communities to stay resilient and taking care of their mental and physical well-being.

In this connection, our teams have developed a continuous connection with the communities through different mediums like phone calls and WhatsApp to ensure and support them through these tough times.

With schools and playgrounds closed and streets emptied, children are finding themselves caged at homes. Meanwhile, the mothers and caregivers are also facing a grim situation. Our team members are doing frequent motivational sessions with them while appreciating to involve in recreational activities like artwork to process their thoughts.

Considering art as a way of expressing emotions, a drawing competition was organized for our sponsored children in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A total of 25 children participated in the competition coming up with amazing artworks. The activity also helped in raising awareness among the communities about coronavirus outbreak and becoming responsible members of the society during these challenging times.

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