Fighting Hunger

Islamic Relief in Pakistan is helping fight hunger by taking measurable actions to alleviate the effects of under-nutrition, specifically targeted at vulnerable communities.

Amongst small farmers, we have introduced drought resilient/water efficient seeds with the support of research entities, working under provincial and national governments.

Simultaneously, we have engaged farmers and entrepreneurs in the process of getting their skills polished and refined to market their products and enhance their enterprises.

Key areas of our Food Security and Livelihood work

  • Distributing agricultural seeds and toolkits to help with crop production
  • Introducing kitchen gardening to promote pesticide free produce and availability of high nutritional food
  • Establishing dairy and agriculture value chains to help farmers move goods from farm to the consumer
  • Restocking herds to benefit individuals for whom animals play a major role for better nutrition
  • Investments to carry out businesses in the form of cash grants to promote self-reliance
  • Establishing agriculture markets to bridge the gap between buyer and seller
  • Introducing irrigation systems suitable for drought prone areas
  • Improving storage of fresh produce through food processing to increase its shelf life

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

“One is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour goes hungry.” (Bukhari)

Green tunnel farming systems

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