Seasonal Programs

Each year, Islamic Relief carries out programmes supporting some of the most deserving communities in Pakistan during Ramadan and Qurbani seasons.

Last year we supported over 50,000 people in multiple regions of Pakistan with food assistance, to help them enjoy the blessed time of year.


During Ramadan, Islamic Relief distributes food packs to people in need. Here, we share the blessings of Ramadan and address food security issues for vulnerable households. Each food pack consists of 40kg of food, providing a healthy balanced diet, including items such as dates, oil, rice, pulses and wheat. This project complements our longer-term relief and development iii projects supporting vulnerable communities.


Every year, we distribute Qubani meat parcels to some of the most vulnerable people across Pakistan. We focus on reaching widows, the elderly, temporarily displaces people, disabled people and refugees. Each meat pack contains 5kg of healthy meat, and is expected to last a family of four for over a week. The Qurbani meat allows some families to eat meat after a whole year, and it fosters the real meaning of Eid and a sense of hope and joy on this special occasion.


In 2016, we distributed over 8,000 Ramadan food packs, supporting almost 50,000 people with food for the blessed month in District Washuk, Balochistan; District Neelum and Muzaffarabad, AJ&K; District Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Rawalpindi, Punjab.

Seasonal projects