Islamic Microfinance

Islamic Relief aims to give people a chance to stand on their own feet. We could give out food, water, shelter to people for years on end – or we could help them once, by supporting them to start their own business to provide for themselves.

From widows struggling to support their orphaned children, to families who have lost everything in floods or wars, an Islamic microfinance can help countless people.

At its heart, our Islamic Microfinance programme believes in the ability of people to use their skills, abilities and motivation to build a better future for themselves. We have supported over 14,000 families across Pakistan to escape poverty by building their capacities to sustain themselves through Islamic Microfinance, enabling them to build businesses and livelihoods.

We have offered loans all over Pakistan, from farmers in remote locations, to tailors in villages, to business-people in cities. We work hard to support those who need the most support, especially women, widows and those having been affected by disasters. We also launch initiatives while rebuilding communities following disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Education and training projects