Disaster Risk Reduction

Disasters can strike anyone, in any community and at any time. Disasters can take many forms, building over time, or hitting suddenly with no prior warning.

Whatever the situation, Islamic Relief Pakistan is there, both ahead of the disaster to help disaster-prone areas prepare for the worst, and afterwards to provide care, assistance and direct the rebuilding of lives. Our priority is to reduce the risks and effects of disasters, and to restore livelihoods so our communities become more resilient and well prepared to avoid any major losses.

Across Pakistan, not only have we carried out emergency response activities for all major disasters over the last two decades, we have also assisted governments to produce Disaster Risk Reduction Road Maps to plan and prioritize disaster preparedness. We have developed Early Warning Systems in all major national calamities, to reduce the number of casualties and keep communities safe. As part of our ‘Ready 2 Respond’ programme, we have been working deep inside communities, forming Emergency Response Teams who are trained, equipped and prepared for any disaster. With their local knowledge and expert training in disaster risk management, they guide our responses to be even more thorough, effective and widespread.

Emergency response projects