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What We Do

Islamic Relief strives to alleviate suffering throughout Pakistan and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner. To achieve this, we work in the following sectors:

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    The Indian subcontinent is among the world’s most disaster prone areas. Almost 85% of India’s area is vulnerable to one or multiple hazard.

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    India has often been regarded a country with very well intended Acts and policies with minimal implementation.

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    Most of the poor and marginalized in rural areas comprise of landless agricultural workers and small and marginal farmers.

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    Islamic Relief works to support orphans and children across, through sponsorship and child welfare projects.

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    Safe drinking water and sanitation facilities are basic necessities. A large section of the Indian population, does not have access to these two services.

  • WhatWeDo_SeasonalAccording to the Country Census 2011, Unequal access to education is evident across the gender and social classes.